Welcome to Eden Global Capital

Creating wealth by expanding markets, encouraging growth, and connecting investors to promising international opportunities. We are a full service provider designed to ensure companies get the support they need to achieve their goals and flourish in a global environment. Welcome to the family.

Helping growing companies achieve their needs.

Whether it raising capital for a fundraising round, launching an IPO, or engaging with new target markets, expanding overseas, or finding the partnership that's right for you.

Helping individuals and companies

EEGC helps connect individuals to the most promising emerging international opportunities in developing markets while encouraging companies to achieve their cross-border goals and reach exciting new markets. We offer brokerage accounts, trading partners, and personalized investment advice whether you're an individual new to the scene or a seasoned multinational PE shop.

We invite all those interested in how Eden Global Capital can help you or your company to contact us through our website form or directly through LinkedIn.


Global Presence

Our global presence is two-fold. Our Western offices provide access to new markets, customers, and investors while our representatives across South East Asia, Europe, and South America identify the most promising investment opportunities to bring unto the global stage. No matter your requirements, we have a team on-site ready to meet your needs.


The Private Club

Eden Global Capital scouts some of the most lucrative companies Pre-IPO and offers our members the ability to buy into opportunities before they're overvalued on Day 1. Sign up for our Newsletter to learn more.


Helping individuals and companies

Eden helps connect individuals and companies from every corner of the globe - providing investors with opportunities in the emerging market space while enabling emerging economies access to brokerage accounts, trading partners, and personalized investment advice.


Get in touch

We welcome all companies, investors, and individuals. Whether it is connecting you to new suppliers, distributors, or taking your firm public, we aim to help you grow when and where you need it most.

Our services

We are proud to offer you direct access to immediate teams on the ground to fulfil your business needs.

IPO / Cross-Border Fundraising

Bringing your company to light. Connecting you with investors and shareholders around the world.

Investor Relations

A dedicated IR Specialist will handle all questions and comments for your company in any needed language.


Looking to expand to new markets, purchase a competitor, or forge a new partnership? We're here to help.


Let us connect you to our media partners in Europe and North America to tell your story and sell your products.


Quarterly filings, parent/sibling company interactions, and international payroll just got easier.

Public Relations

From launching a new and exciting product to damage control, we have teams ready to handle any situation.

Legal / Tax Advisory

Entering a new market and need help with all the red tape? We have experts on standby to ensure you minimize risk.


Looking for Pre-Seed Funding or a C Round? Are you ready to IPO or just need a convertible loan? We've got you covered.